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The Artist's Way

When I was in interior design school, one of my first instructors suggested we read a book called, The Artist's Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron. It was her go to book when she found herself in a design rut. WHAT?! A design rut! There was no way I could ever get in an interior design rut. I mean there are endless sources and outlets in the design world. How could I ever get in a rut?

Well 15 years later, it's true, I can get in a design rut. Sometimes it's due to personal stuff that is seeping into my creative space: one of my kids is sick, my husband is away on business, my dog hasn't been walked in a week....But, mostly, what I find is that many of you out there want your homes to look like Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. I can't blame you. We are all being inundated with their catalogs and email specials. It's what you know and it's comfortable.

Don't get me wrong, I too enjoy my RH slipcovered kitchen chairs but as with anything else moderation is key. There are soooo many freakin' cool things out there to help make your homes a resemblance of the unique you. Don't be the beige sofa with a navy pillow. Be the paisley sofa with plaid and striped pillows.

So, as I enter my 13th year as a professional interior designer, I'm climbing onto the Blog Wagon. For selfish reasons? YES! I need the creative outlet. I need help getting out of my design ruts and maybe, as a bonus, I'll spark your artistic way.

While I own, The Artist's Way, I've never read it. It is stored away in one of my many book boxes. After pulling it up on Amazon to find the authors name, I see that it is probably a great read but I've never been one that likes to be told what to do. :) I'll try blogging first.


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